Looking for experts to help launch your offerings in the market?
Get expert advice on how to market your brand, right from helping your create your brand identity to bringing it to life with the right communication tools.
This includes but not limited to designing your marketing strategy, media mix, communication tools including website, social handles and the content.
We are a team that firmly believes that marketing efforts should fund themselves. We pride ourselves in designing strategies that encompass this basic principle.


We have design experts for both online and offline communication needs. We excel at designing the following:

  • Websites
  • Logos and Brand ID tools
  • Catalogue
  • Advertisements
  • Banners & Leaflets
  • Emailers & Corporate templates
  • Stationary designing


Designing and creating your Communication tools. Communication tools that are designed for your audience in a way that it engages them effectively creating a mind share.
Creating internal and external communication tools We have an expertise in understanding the varied audience of the brand and design the right communication staretgy for the audience. We offer content writing services for both online and offline communication needs


Brand perception is critical for market acceptibility of your offerings. What people say and think depends on product experience and what they hear from their influence and peer group. With Kertus find the influencers and opinion leaders for your offering see them engage positively with your offerings to solicit their views. Managing reputation through social handles is another critical aspect of today’ s reputation management portfolio.
A team of experts design and manage social handles in a way as to build the brand and augment engagement wth your brand. Hence, help strengthen the brands reputation. Another key skill on offer is identifying the key spokesperson for the brand and coaching them to represent the organization in the right spirit.